Saturday, September 12, 2009


Quirky, eclectic, artsy and homey just a few words to describe our next food...adventure. Bare with us while we write this review through our food coma, as we just returned from Austin's well known Chez Zee. Manager Mark Fleming greeted us with as much energy and exuberance as is reflected in the restaurant's decor.

To start Mark brought us one of Chez Zee's signature dishes, Crème Brûlée French Toast. Like the quote says "LIFE IS SHORT, EAT DESSERT FIRST!" So we did and called it brunch. Challah bread soaked overnight in Crème Brûlée mixture, baked and toasted to order. Like anything soaked in deliciousness overnight could not be a home run? They did indeed knock this one out of the park.

Did someone say Quiche? Ex-quiche me? Indeed we did. The Quiche Du Jour was packed with squash, pepper jack cheese, bell peppers and onions. It was creamy, moist and fluffy.

The Portobellino Benedict Platter was next to make an appearance at the critic's table. But not for long, we went to town on that dish. Sitting on a bed of artichokes hearts, bell peppers, asparagus and sauteed onions were the world's most flavorful mini portabello mushrooms with 2 perfectly poached eggs sitting atop. All this was smothered in a very tasty lemon hollandaise sauce. Guaranteed to win over any critic...or at least these two.

Next were the Gingerbread Pancakes. One whiff of that ginger spice brought all the hope for the Fall season! Nice in flavor but perhaps at this point in our brunching feast, this dish was a bit heavy.

Though we were filled to the brim, Mark insisted we try a bit of what makes Chez Zee so popular, their fabulous desserts!

One slice of Lemon Rosemary cake and one slice of the Chocolate Decadence Cake. Holy Mother of God. The Lemon Rosemary cake was light, airy and the hint of rosemary well complimented the lemon. It said "Hello Lemon, you look lovely today," (that was meant to be said in a British Accent, FYI).

The Chocolate Decadence slice was ....well, decadent. Brushed lightly with seedless raspberry preserves this dessert was a chocolate lover's dream.

FYI: Brunch is Sat & Sun 9am-3pm
Brunch ranges from $8 - $17
Lunch $5-$14
Dinner $9-$30
Dessert $6-$12


AUSTIN, TX 78731

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  1. This place is serving so delicious food man. What place is this? and is it reasonable? should I visit with my kids too? Reply soon


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