Sunday, January 2, 2011


Do you sometimes have a hankerin’ for a great hot dog and a cold beer…but those vender's on the side of the street quite frankly scare you? Yeah, us too. Then head to Frank, on 4th and Colorado where the hot dog is reinvented. Co - owners Jen Northcutt, Yancy Peveto, and creative director Christian Helms among the rest of the Frank team have created a unique restaurant whose concept centers around an American favorite; the hot dog. The menu features Artisan Sausages and regional favorites such as the Chicago Style Dog, Southern Slaw Dog, and Chili Cheese Dog.

Frank restaurant was kind enough to extend an invitation to the Foodie Girls for their private tasting as part of Austin’s Restaurant Week. Hors d'oeuvre's circulated and we found ourselves eating a Gator Boudin. After asking around it was indeed, alligator. Foodie Girls – giving Andrew Zimmern a run for his money! A crunchy, perfect little ball of gator, delicious.

Next we headed to the upstairs bar and lounge. It was quaint and cozy. A perfect place to go with an intimate group of friends. As down to earth as a hot dog is, so are the people running this joint. Warm, funny and welcoming we found ourselves getting served 2 kick-ass Chicago Style Dogs. In a poppy seed bun, sat a Vienna beef dog, covered in chopped onion, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt, mustard, a pickle spear and day-glow relish. It all added up to the perfect mouth full. Seriously, it was like having a hot dog for the first time. YUM.

A mini break down occurred over the Beignet. There is nothing more heavenly than fluffy, moist, fried dough covered in powered sugar. I dare you not to form a strong connection to this tasty treat. You’re gonna fall in love.

Frank was serving up all of their house signature cocktails. So clearly, we could not pass that up. We had a Daytripper cocktail which consisted of watermelon juice, Tito’s Vodka and mint. Then there was the Italian Honey cocktail, honey dew melon juice, Midori, Skyy Melon Vodka, honey and garnished with melon and prosciutto. Both were stellar, not overly sweet but refreshing and fun.
Our next guests in Austin we'll be sure to take to Frank!

There is a small grocery store inside Frank with eclectic items from all over the country!
Entrees under $10
Happy Hour is 4pm-7pm
Bar Hours are 11pm-2am
Full, creative bar.


407 Colorado
Austin, TX


  1. I can't stop thinking about that Hot Dog.

  2. i don't see beignets on their website menu - is it a regular item? if so, i'm there! :)

  3. Hi Nisha

    Maybe it was just for the tasting party! But it was so good and they seem to really be open to requests...I bet they would put it on the menu if it was requested's hoping!

  4. You think they deliver... to London? Hot Dogs look so good!! Loving the Videos and reviews :)

    Mel x

  5. Thanks Mel!!! When you come to Austin we will take you for an All American Hot Dog!!!

  6. Beignets are a breakfast item...along with beirocks--German version of kolaches. They have intellegentsia (SP?) coffee in the AM which is a Chicago thing. I am happy to report they now do SUNDAY BRUNCH from 11-3!! Shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, eggs benedict with pulled pork/cheddar biscuits/hollandaise--they are really doing some creative and delicious stuff over there.

  7. O.M.G.!! I'm there on Sunday. Sounds like my kind of brunch!

  8. Has the world gone mad? Sorry kiddos, but $8 dogs don't fly in this town, no matter how good the typesetting. And, just to twist the knife, the people shelling hotdogs on the corner need the money a lot more than these overrated designer clowns.

  9. they don't do $8 hot dogs. they do $8 artisan sausages. very well, too. these overrated designer clowns really got it down. all of their hard work is really shining through. good job, frank!


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw