Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hidden in the heart of Austin's Warehouse District sits Saba Blue Water Cafe. On arrival we were met by a candle lit, blue tinted, sleek bar and restaurant. Although Saba is tucked away between Fado's Irish Pub and Cedar Street Courtyard it's a substantial space and atmosphere. Owner, Joe Reynolds, put out quite an impressive spread of some of Saba's signature dishes. For our first dish we sampled the Tempura Tuna. It surrounded layers of honey soy, wasabi and chili oil, it was a beautiful presentation. The first bite was packed with va-va-voom thanks to the combination of sauces.

Next we had Masa Fried Oyster Tostadas. So, so good. Sitting on fried plantain chips were 3 or more small, fried oysters with a cilantro cream reduction dribbled on top. Great texture, great flavor, yes please!

Moving Plantain Crusted Shrimp served with a mango, ginger sauce...which was like a fancy sweet and sour sauce...which was AWESOME! The shrimp was encrusted totally by the fried plantain and yet the shrimp flavor was not lost. A nice crunch with the fresh flavor of seafood. DEE-LISH.

As the plates kept on comin' we gladly kept on eatin.' The last savory dish was a Steak Churrasco sprinkled with sweet potato chips and a side of chimichurri sauce. With all the deliciousness that is Argentinian cuisine this dish surely captured it.

And now the favorite part of every meal...dessert. Ladies and Gentlemen we give you the Banana Pecan Spring Roll. Warm banana goodness, wrapped inside a crispy spring roll with cinnamon and brown sugar, heavily drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with 2 scoops of cold vanilla ice cream and a handful of warm pecans to boot. When you visit Saba, this treat is a must have!

The best part about Saba, aside from that Banana Spring Roll, is that it's a one-stop-shop. It can be your place for an intimate dinner with the nestled tables in the back lit by candle light or your happy hour spot after work for drinks and tapas and the same place you stay for dancing and drinks later into the night.

FYI: Extensive Full Bar
Tapas range from $7-$10
Dinners $12-$20
Desserts $6
Happy Hour is Monday-Friday 4-7 pm
Martini's $5 Mojitos $4


Saba Blue Water Cafe
212 W. 4th Street
Austin, TX 78701

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