Friday, September 4, 2009


Tucked away in Austin's south First Street neighborhood we stumbled upon "more than a restaurant" but a dining philosophy - Somnio's Cafe. Jay Guidry, owner/chef believes that "...eating should be respectful and sustainable to the world in which we live," which explains why his menu supports local farmer's produce. Somnio's, which was once a house has only 7 or 8 tables allowing it to keep that homey feel.
Now, let's get to the eats! To start we had as we like to call it "a massage in a glass" or better known as Lavender earl grey iced tea, the lavender just made this delicious beverage taste like relaxation. For appetizers we ordered Watermelon Gazpacho and Bison Dumplings. Two words, yum and yum. What better way to enjoy soup in the midst of the hottest summer ever, than a cooling, melon gazpacho. As for the bison dumplings, they were lightly pan fried with a savory bison and mushroom filling, drizzled lightly with Siracha. And who doesn't LOVE Siracha? And if you don't love Siracha then get out of our blog. We kid, we kid...but seriously, get out.

For the main dishes we got down and dirty with Nynavae's tacos which was filled with panko crusted mushroom fritters covered with a savory, spicy slaw. Although they were ginormous in size, they were actually quite lite.

Then (as if that weren't enough) there were the Pork Medallions served on a bed of greens with crispy buckwheat noodles. It was comforting, something similar to what Mom would whip up if we were starving and couldn't wait...and if my Mom knew what buckwheat noodles were.
To wrap up the night we nibbled on home-made peach bread pudding, which was moist and flavorful. Although at first glance it looked like a pile-a-poo, it actually exceeded expectations and was quite delicious (see below).

FYI: it's BYOB.
Appetizers range from $4-$9
Lunch $6-$8
Dinner $10-$13
Vegetarian Friendly

FINAL VERDICT: We Recommend!

1807 South 1st St.
Austin, TX 78704

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  1. Is it better than Chipotle? That's the real question.


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