Friday, January 15, 2010

Annie get your gun...because we will shoot ourselves if we have to come back here again!


Today the Foodie Girls had a simple wish. We wanted a healthy & delicious lunch on a cold, rainy day. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is. Our intentions were honest. We wanted to review healthier restaurants for the New Year. We were originally going to review Living Beets Cafe. After perusing the menu we realize only two types of people eat here; 1. Vegans and 2. Rich Vegans. And if that is you, well done. But it ain't us! Nothing on the menu seemed accessible to people who aren't completely dedicated to that way of eating. So we left in search of our next great meal. We drove up and down the streets of Austin until we found a sandwich shop, but we thought there was better out there for us yet. So we left in search of our next great meal...again.

Finally, we spotted it.

A charming yellow building, with twinkle lights and a red door. The perfect little lunch spot, Annie's. Cue Merle/Earl, the waiter/owner/chef, we think. Merle/Earl confused us almost immediately. "You can order at the front, or sit or go to the bar for full service, or not get full service or look at the menu." WTF?!?!

We crossed through the rather large dining room area to the counter where you order. Merle/Earl, being the magician that he is, popped up from behind the counter to greet us again and take our order. We ordered their "signature soup" Tomato Brie and a Caprese Sandwich. Oh, the Caprese sandwich.

We moved on down the line (of no one) to the register to pay and there was Merle/Earl again playing the part of Cashier.

The soup was good. It would have been better if we had our sandwich to go with it, but it was really tasty. Around 20 minutes later Merle/Earl, now our waiter, brought us a cold Caprese sandwich. We weren't trying to be difficult we just really had our hearts set on a warm, melty Caprese sandwich.

Another 20 minutes later, Merle/Earl showed up with the Caprese again and said "Be careful it's very hot." It was cold. Like colder than it was before. If that is even possible. We hesitated to ask for it to be warmed up again, but we did.

At this point the sandwich had been made a Federal case. Four chefs, 2 waiters and we are pretty sure a bus boy, all gathered around the sandwich. Ugh.

Now we've been sitting with empty soup bowls for over 40 minutes, neither one of us even wants the stupid sandwich anymore. But it's back making it's final appearance to the Foodie Girl's table. We eat it, we film it. Not impressed. We left.

FINAL VERDICT: Don't Even Bother.
Average Price of soup $4.00
Stupid Sandwich $6.00

Never having to eat here again PRICELESS.

Annie's Cafe and Bar
319 South Congress Ave
Austin, TX


  1. I think this is my fav post yest. "Stupid Sandwich" hahah.

  2. You are so right about Annie's. We had lunch there a couple of months ago and it was beyond bad. And that cafeteria line at those prices really doesn't work for me. I hear breakfast is good, and maybe dinner, when you don't have to schlep your own tray like you're in middle school, is better, but I won't be going there for lunch again.

  3. Yes! Anywhere that makes me have flashbacks to middle school is no bueno.

    I did notice they had a full English Breakfast...but I'd rather just find it somewhere else, honestly.

  4. I'm sorry.. but I just gotta say... 'who the f*** eats caprese in JANUARY??' Ok, granted, Annie's shouldn't even have it on the menu in January, but expecting it to be good in January is just as egregious.

    The correct way to do Annie's is thus: sit at the bar, order one of the excellent cocktails, get a small meal or snack and watch the world go by. Finito.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    First, watch your mouth. Second, we were unaware that cheese and bread were seasonal items that could only be enjoyed at certain times of the year. Third, we're glad you enjoy Annie's, you two deserve each other.


    The Foodie Girls

  6. This is such a bummer! I design here at Annie's and love your blog...BOO on us. Try again sometime? Maybe order a calamari salad at dinner?

    ANYWAYS, keep up the good work. And give Merle/Earl's "place" another try!


  7. I know Annies(note, there is no "'") has its weak spots, but these ladies have been in the business and in town for over 26 years, and deserve some well-earned respect! Annies on Congress is a welcomed addition to the lack of dining/retail option on Congress north of the River. While your honesty is appreciated you know how the saying goes, "If you don't have anything nice to say..." and quite honestly I think Annies is lovely.

  8. You've certainly enjoyed one too many fabulous drinks if you think you can come onto our blog and tell us what to write. It's called a blog - we can share our opinions in anyway we want - ever heard of it?

  9. Ouch Foodie Girls just came across this. I so respect what you do and your opinions, just wanted to share mine as well:)

  10. I just looked up Annies and it has the " on their website in some places. Anyway, Annies is getting some press either way! I am going to try it out in the hope to find Earl/Merle!

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