Sunday, February 14, 2010


On this Valentine's Day, the Foodie Girls celebrated LOVE the only way they know how, by eating cheese. We stopped in on Antonelli's Cheese Shop in Hyde Park and are in LOVE with this place. Not only do they have cheeses from all over the world, they also carry cured meats, olives, honeycomb, Nutella, wine, beer and plenty of cheese-related goodness.

Kendall Antonelli says the store promises to bring tastings and cheese classes but for right now they're just trying to keep their heads above water. Austinites have clearly welcomed Antonelli's with lots of business. When we came in, they were plenty busy, but still took time to give us a great cheese tasting experience. They'll let you sample your weight's worth in cheese, are incredibly knowledgeable and really LOVE cheese!


  1. ugh. obsessed. with cheese. but with you guys too. x - i owe you a call, i'm being a bad friend ... but still keeping up on the blog! love it!

    will call you soon! ps - so jeal of the choc covered strawberries.

  2. Uh, Meg it's the Foodie I will be expecting a call too! ;)

  3. Have you tried the Beer & Cheese class at North by Northwest? Yummy! Next one's March 20, I think.

  4. No but that sounds FANTASTIC! We've heard about that place too!



“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw