Saturday, April 10, 2010

SAO PAOLO Bartender: Major Offender!

We really like Sao Paolo. It's a nice place, they have good food, we've always had a great time there... until yesterday. It is with great sadness that the Foodie Girls give this Public Service Announcement.

The bartender at Sao Paolo, Jason, is a MAJOR JERK. Big time. Like, wow. We popped in yesterday for a cocktail before going to see a show. We sat at the bar and ordered two Martinis please. Jerko Jason plopped them in front of us and we noticed that they were only filled slightly more than half. The barback commented that their Martinis are usually filled to the top. We asked Jerko Jason about it, and then it all started...

Jerkface grabbed one of the Martini glasses, started pouring it out into shot glasses, meanwhile spilling most of it behind the bar, while we protested that we didn't understand what he was doing, he poured the shots back into the Martini glass, spilling more, pushed the drink in front of us, spilling more and said, "There. Now you don't think I'm shorting you." We said nothing. We only stared at him, this was weird. He then grabbed a bottle of vodka and started pouring it into the glass and all over the bar and said, "Why don't you just say when." We asked him to stop. We were stunned. We were now extremely uncomfortable. We asked the manager if we could sit outside. We recounted the story for her, to which she smiled and said "He's probably really busy."
No. He's a jerk.

She comped our drinks, but that's not what we wanted. We wanted a nice experience, not free drinks. Do not excuse rude behavior. Bottom line:

Although we didn't have our camera on us, we were able to find this picture of Jason serving drinks:


  1. yep. this is exactly what that guy looks like. I know who you are talking about!

  2. Amazing photo - I recognize this clown from Sao Paolo!

  3. Ooooooo!!! I hope he reads your blog! That'll teach him to treat a foodie girl that way! -Lisa K.



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