Friday, June 15, 2012


The Bio Bug!
 The Foodie Girls have been all over the East Coast recently - this time stopping at Evelyn's Drive In - located on the water in Tiverton, Rhode Island!

On the menu you may ask? clam cakes, Lobster rolls, fried whole belly clams, Lobster chow mein and tons more.

"Evelyn's features fresh, local favorites including seafood, chowder and lobster." - They Say.
"A Foodie Favorite!" - We Say.

 Visit Evelyn's Drive In on Facebook or checkout their website!

Evelyn’s Drive-In is proud to announce the BIOBUG (pictured above), a diesel VW Bug powered by clam cakes and their new partnership with Newport Biodiesel.  Evelyn’s Drive-In has been famous for their fried seafood fare since 1969, and now there is a great use for their used oil!  Newport Biodiesel picks up the used fry oil, processes it, and then fills the BIOBUG with biodiesel.  The BIOBUG is driven by Jane Bitto, co-owner of Evelyn’s, and it has been wrapped with advertising from Evelyn’s and Newport Biodiesel, with a special message to consumers saying “BIOBUG powered by clam cakes… what can you do?” With the BIOBUG, Evelyn’s is hoping to get people to think about what steps they can take to reduce their impact and raise their awareness of the planet. 

What a View!

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